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    Lease Return


     The Road Ahead

    Can you believe it's already time to start thinking about what you'll be driving next.
    I hope you have enjoyed your BMW experience as we have enjoyed having you as part of the BMW of Monrovia family.


    As you approach your end-of-lease, consider the following exciting options available to you:


    Select your next BMW      We at BMW of Monrovia offer a great selection of New and Certified Pre-owned BMWs. As our Valued Guest I'll make  sure you're able to take advantage of the many special programs that we offer.


    Keep your current BMW    You can also keep your current BMW  by arranging to Purchase your current vehicle, I can help you through the process  and provide you with excellent terms.


    Turn in your current BMW         If you do decide to return your lease it's just as easy as a phone call away.


    To help you prepare in turning in your current BMW lease, I would like to invite you to come into BMW of Monrovia for a Pre-inspection of your vehicle 3 months prior to lease-end. In addition to saving you time and money at lease-end, the pre-inspection takes only a few moments, and is absolutely free of charge.

    This pre-inspection offers you several important benefits:

         By pre-inspecting your vehicle now, you'll save time on the day you turn it in.

         If there are unacceptable damages you'll be informed right away, with ample time to have them repaired.
         A pre-inspection virtually eliminates potentially costly "surprises," so that you'll know exactly what to expect when you do turn in your vehicle.

    I will personally guide you through this process. Please contact my direct line at (626) 358-4269 or email me at lu.zhou@bmwofmonrovia.com to further discuss your end-of-lease options and schedule an appointment.


    George Zhou
    Lease Portfolio/Fleet Manager
    Phone: (626) 358-4269



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