BMW 228i Is Your Entry Point Coupe

Now that the BMW lineup lacks the 1 Series, drivers everywhere are wondering where the best entry point to the Bavarian automaker's models. The answer is the new 228i, a 2 Series coupe that will be the lowest-priced BMW option until the new 1 Series arrives for the 2016 model year. Recently, AutoGuide posted a review of this impressive coupe.

You can see if for yourself below.

On the market for a new BMW…

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Make the Season Bright with a Holiday Miracle, like the BMW i3 Electric Hatchback

After decades of gift-giving, family gatherings, holiday music and wishes not-yet-granted, us adults can become pretty jaded about the holidays. There's so much to do and never enough time to do it, so many people to fit into your house and not enough beds for them to sleep in, and so much wrapping paper to clean up and not enough new trees to make up for it.

Believe in holiday miracles again by seeing…

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