What is i3 anyway? Twenty-one years after the Internet stumped Katie Couric and Brian Gumbel, former cohosts of the Today Show, the dynamic duo question the technology behind our preferred automaker's first all-electric model, the BMW i3. Check out the hilarious Super Bowl commercial here:

Thanks to a lightweight carbon fiber frame and efficient construction, the all-electric i3 is something of a 21st century marvel. The nimble model averages 81 miles per charge, features a high-tech interior with recycled materials, and delivers 170 horsepower from an all-electric engine housed in the rear of the vehicle.

To discover more high-tech gems and features our available new i3 models have to offer, visit our 1425 S. Mountain Avenue location in Monrovia, CA. If you're not quite ready to make the move to an electric model, ask our team about the efficient technologies available in our new BMW inventory.

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