BMW Group, Intel, & Mobileye Sign Memorandum to Include FCA on Autonomous Driving Project

As you may have heard, autonomous driving is no longer a pipe-dream restricted solely to Sci-Fi media. The automotive industry has been making moves as of late to revolutionize the idea of transportation. One key player in the mix is BMW Group which has started work with Intel and Mobileye this year to develop technologies for self-driving prototypes. And now, FIAT-Chrysler also plans to join the team.

These four organizations are leaders in their respective fields, and by combining their forces, they are sure to yield impressive results. By employing each company's strengths and resources, the objective is to oversee the development of fully automated vehicles. It is projected that 40 models will be tested by the end of 2017, and if their collaborative efforts go well, full production is to go into effect by 2021.

With globally-renowned teams from BMW Group, Intel, Mobileye, and FCA cooperating toward a common goal, autonomous driving is well within reach. In other words, BMW of Monrovia customers like you can look forward to hearing more exciting news in the near future. So keep an eye out on our blog!

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