Great Advantages and Savings from Using Parts from BMW of Monrovia

Choosing your vehicle replacement parts from a dealership is not only a smart decision but a decision that will save you money long term. At BMW of Monrovia, we have a large inventory of Dinan parts that are specifically produced for the benefit of meeting the specifications of your BMW vehicle. For this reason, OEM parts are produced and tested for longevity.

Typically, generic brands, which are also sold as aftermarket parts, are produced to meet the minimum need of the vehicle, but not for durability. That’s a quality assurance standard that OEM parts have over an aftermarket brand.

Additionally, if you’re having your vehicle serviced by our dealership, we have the Dinan parts right at our location. You never have to wait for the little truck that delivers your parts at a local service center in Monrovia

Stop by anytime you need OEM parts; we’ll grab them right off the shelf for you or order them if they're not in stock.

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