Lasting Quality You Can Count On: Shop BMW Certified Pre-Owned

If it’s time for a “new-to-you” vehicle, you might be happy to know you can get an impressive BMW for less than you might think. No, we’re not talking about our used car offerings, but our certified inventory. When you shop for a certified pre-owned BMW, you don’t just get a quality used car, but peace of mind.

That’s because the BMW factory-trained technicians who certify this lineup are sticklers for quality. To even qualify, a late-model pre-owned BMW vehicle must have been active for at least six months, and have between 6,000 and 60,000 odometer miles. Once qualified, a thorough inspection follows, which sees the replacement of any worn components, and ironing out any imperfections. The process is so exhaustive that even the glove box is checked to make sure it’s in good working order.

Once a vehicle is ready to be offered on our certified pre-owned BMW lot, it can be had with warranties and an extensive protection plan that has you thoroughly covered. To learn more about the benefits, contact our Monrovia, CA location.

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