House Broken, But Not Tamed, the 2018 BMW M5 Raises the Bar Higher Still

The best way to describe the BMW M5 is like a German Shepherd—plenty of energy, and a penchant for rough-housing, all while being charming and loyal. But as anyone who’s owned one can attest, sometimes they’re difficult to manage. That’s why BMW M engineers set out to make this aggressive super sedan better trained going into its 2018 iteration.

Although familiar, the M5 arrives all-new for 2018. Based on the well-reviewed 5 Series, it now boasts the first M-tuned xDrive AWD system ever fitted to this RWD-biased four-door. That’ll more than help it stay compliant, but for those who like a bit more fun factor, the AWD system can be toggled off for some pretty wild maneuvering. That’ll excite purists, who now have more ways than ever to enjoy the M5’s 600 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque when it goes on sale next year.

The driver-focused engagement of a new BMW M model is hard to pass up. To learn more about the sporting offerings at our Monrovia, CA dealership, we invite you to schedule a test drive. Contact a sales representative at your convenience.

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