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BMW Hopes Electric Mass Transit will Become New Standard

BMW i Ventures is joining forces with one of the main manufacturers of durable electric mass transportation cars. Proterra's mission aligns with BMW i Ventures to create a more sustainable automotive industry. Proterra's goal is to completely get rid of the world's reliance on fossil fuels, and drastically curtail operating expenses for transit companies across the U.S.

Proterra is perhaps the best choice to undergo this ambitious enterprise. The Ohio-based company boasts a...

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The Forward-Thinking, All-Electric BMW i3 is a "Newfangled Idea"

What is i3 anyway? Twenty-one years after the Internet stumped Katie Couric and Brian Gumbel, former cohosts of the Today Show, the dynamic duo question the technology behind our preferred automaker's first all-electric model, the BMW i3. Check out the hilarious Super Bowl commercial here:

Thanks to a lightweight carbon fiber frame and efficient construction, the all-electric i3 is something of a 21st century marvel. The nimble model averages 81 miles per charge, features…

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Vegas Will Never Be The Same

The Consumer Electronics Show is coming to an end today, and we can look back and see the great things that have come out of it. For one, the BMW i3 was on hand to show people how the electric car is changing how we look at the automotive industry.

We talked a bit about the i3 in a recent blog post, and today we are highlighting just two of the innovative technological advances this…

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Make the Season Bright with a Holiday Miracle, like the BMW i3 Electric Hatchback

After decades of gift-giving, family gatherings, holiday music and wishes not-yet-granted, us adults can become pretty jaded about the holidays. There's so much to do and never enough time to do it, so many people to fit into your house and not enough beds for them to sleep in, and so much wrapping paper to clean up and not enough new trees to make up for it.

Believe in holiday miracles again by seeing…

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