Secure Your Connections with BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW ConnectedDrive is an integrated navigation and car notification system with both an onboard component and a smartphone app.
This convenience lets you send directions from another app, such as Yelp, directly to your car.  BMW ConnectedDrive even stores directions to the places you travel to most frequently and surveys your route for traffic jams before you leave.
It will also map out the most efficient walking route from your parking spot to your destination.  BMW ConnectedDrive keeps you safe on the road by sending a text-free arrival time message to your friends and leave time notifications to you, so you don’t have to speed to get there.
Once you have arrived, BMW Connected allows you to remotely access your car for routine functions such as turning on climate control or checking battery charge from your smartphone.  BMW ConnectedDrive keeps you better connected to your car and your clan.
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