The Green Car Journal, long known for its prestigious assessments in the green automotive industry, has named the Charging Pilot Program associated with the BMW 530e the 2020 Green Car Technology of the Year. Here at BMW of Monrovia, we're pleased to be located just outside of Los Angeles, which served as one of the centers of the program. Learn more about what makes this innovation a game-changer in the world of plug-in hybrid vehicles.

What the Program Was All About

If you're interested in getting behind the wheel of the BMW 530e, it's available here at your Los Angeles County BMW dealer. Its unique plug-in hybrid powertrain made it the perfect test subject for the Inductive Charging Pilot Program which worked to test a new way for the partially electric vehicle to charge. It all started in 2018 in Germany before spreading to California drivers in 2019. This successful program introduced inductive charging to the world of plug-in hybrid vehicles but is not available for purchase quite yet.

What is Inductive Charging?

Whereas typical plug-in hybrid models get their charge from a plug that fits into the car's port like a gas pump, inductive charging is different. Those who participated in this program received a CarPad, which connects to the bottom of the car, along with the GroundPad charging station. When you park the CarPad over the GroundPad, energy is wirelessly transferred between the two surfaces, which are designed to rest about three inches apart from one another. This system improved the speed at which the energy transfers and the efficiency rate increased to 85-percent.

Experience Innovation for Yourself in Monrovia

While this program was successful, its not yet available for Monrovia drivers to take advantage of. However, BMW of Monrovia features a large inventory of the latest BMW 530i plug-in hybrid for our local drivers to enjoy in the meantime. Expect to see inductive charging break into the world of rechargeable hybrids in the very near future.

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