Costco Auto Program


How the Program Works

The Costco Auto Program offers Costco member benefits on New and Pre-owned vehicles through hand-selected dealers who meet Costco's strict requirements for ensuring member value, a streamlined buying experience and superior member satisfaction. Here's how the program works:

Locate & Contact

Choose a new or used vehicle from our huge inventory. Contact us through or through our Authorized Dealer Contact to schedule an appointment.

Visit & Save

Meet with the Authorized Dealer Contact at the participating dealership and show your Costco membership card. Have the Authorized Dealer Contact help you select a vehicle.

View the special Costco Member-Only Price Sheet, which shows your exclusive prearranged Costco member savings on the vehicle you selected.

It's always a good idea to see the vehicle's invoice and MSRP too so you can see how much you save as a Costco member!

Remember, you are under no obligation to purchase.

Make an Inquiry



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